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St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church
1252 East Aurora Rd., Macedonia, Ohio 44056

How to venerate icons

In venerating an icon, we make the sign of the Cross with a faithful and repentant heart and then kiss the icon, and once more make the sign of the Cross and make a bow. We should kiss the feet or hand of Christ. 


How to take a blessing

In taking a blessing from a priest or bishop, we bow (without making the sign of the Cross), then fold our hands, right on left, palms upward, to receive his right hand, which we kiss in token of his being a representative of Christ.


How to approach for Holy Communion

When receiving the Holy Mysteries, we should reverently approach the chalice with arms folded crosswise on the chest. After partaking we make the sign of the cross once agian and drink water to make sure that no Holy Praticles remain in our mouth. We should be careful never to make the sign of the Cross of any abrupt movements while in close proximity to the chalice, lest we accidently knock it or jostle the priest's hand.


One should make the sign of the Cross facing the altar with thankfulness for having been vouchsafed such a supreme blessing. After receiving the final blessing and kissing the hands of the priest we have a piece of blessed bread to ensure that no particle of the Holy Gifts remains in our mouths and those who have not received the mysteries can partake of this blessed bread (Bruk'so) as a symbol of receiving a blessing and partaking with the community of beleivers. 

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